Christine Jennings


Christine Jennings is an artist, and also an art instructor. Christine has taught Sunday School courses for high schoolers, been a camp counselor for junior-high age children, and worked in an Orthodox Christian co-op. She homeschools her children, and has done so both independently of the state and through charter programs.

Christine grew up in a Serbian parish where she was an active member of the choir. She was home-schooled by her mother with a Charlotte Mason learning approach from fourth grade through junior high. She attended public high school as an independent study student, and graduated from high school in her junior year.  After high school graduation she attended Fresno City College as an Art major.

Christine and her husband Matthew met at St. Nicholas Ranch while he was helping with camp ministries and she was attending an iconography workshop. They married in 2007, and now have five children, ages three through ten years old.

The Jennings family loves to spend their time outdoors doing building projects, gardening, exploring, and living a country lifestyle.

Christine had her first gallery show in June 2018. Christine currently works as vendor for Inspire Charter Schools of Central California, providing private art lessons for homeschool students enrolled in this public charter. 


Christine Jennings
at the St. Emmelia West Conference
November 2018:

Christine will be leading various age-appropriate children's art workshops with a nature theme at the West Conference Children's Program in November.

She will also be speaking at the West Conference in two presentations:
Developing Creativity Panel Discussion,
and Homeschooling Through a Public Charter.