Elizabeth Johnson

Ever since she was a young child, Elizabeth has been in love with books, but it was not until she was approaching fifty and had entered into Orthodoxy that she began writing. The publication of her first book, And Then Nicholas Sang, (the story of the Trisagion hymn), then led to several others as well, the most recent of which is In the Candle's Glow. Now having homeschooled her own three children, she homeschools three of her eight grandchildren and as time allows continues to write from her homestead farm in western New York.  As a teacher for St. Raphael School, she draws from her experiential background as well as her academic: a master's degree in intercultural training, one year as a missiology student at Fuller Theological Seminary, a four--year degree in Bible and Theology, and an associate degree in early childhood education. She attends St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church in Rochester, NY.