Matthew Jennings

Matthew Jennings currently works as an apprentice electrician for the contractor who is constructing the new building at the Monastery of the Theotokos, the Life-Giving Spring. He lives in Squaw Valley with his wife, Christine, and their five children. His children range in age from two to nine years old.

Matthew will be serving as one of the lead instructors for the archery workshops for the West Conference Children's Program.  Matthew was taught to hunt as a young boy through the guidance of his grandfather and father, who emphasized safety and respect for all people and wildlife. He has been hunting traditionally with family and friends all his life. He has several years experience in archery and sportsmanship. And currently hunts deer, wild turkey, wild boar, and bear seasonally with a compound bow.

Matthew also has experience working with children of all ages as a Camp Counselor at St. Nicholas Ranch, and as a Sunday School teacher at St. George Church in Bakersfield, California.