Nektarios & Stephanie Koontz

Nektarios and Stephanie Koontz experienced Orthodoxy for the first time in 2010 at the Monastery of the Theotokos the Life Giving Spring. Particularly attracted to the fullness of Orthodoxy and the beautiful Monastery, they became catechumens in 2011 and then became Orthodox in 2012.

Nektarios and Stephanie married fifteen years ago right out of high school. They have four wonderful boys, all of whom they homeschool, and they also have a daughter who reposed in 2014, and is laid to rest at the Monastery. 

Stephanie is passionate about homeschooling and believes in the many benefits that it offers to their children, and family as a whole. She enjoys being a part of her children’s education every step of the way.  

Nektarios has experience in many fields. He joined the military immediately after high school, serving in the United States Navy.  He is a U.S. Veteran, having served in Iraq during the Second Gulf War.  After five years of military service, he moved on to pursue a B.S. in Computer Science at Fresno State University, California. It wasn’t until his college years that he found his love for software engineering. He has worked for multiple established software companies and startups as a software QA, engineer, developer, and instructor. Currently, Nektarios is the CoFounder/CTO of Benchmark Intelligence — a software company based in Fresno, CA, where he manages all technical aspects.